X-ray: tender analysis tool powered by AI

Scope items extracted in minutes

An easy to use tool powered by Artificial Intelligence that extracts scope items from tender documents. Items are sorted into SMM7, NRM2, CESMM4, RMM2, HIGHWAYS WORKS sections. Search across all tender documents with ease. Quickly export everything to get enquiries out fast. This tool Identifies irregularities within the tender pack and acts as a sanity check to ensure that you don't miss anything, giving you both confidence and risk mitigation when you submit your tender.

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Over the last few years the tendering landscape has drastically changed...

The level and quality of information has decreased

Whether there is less information provided or an overload of copy and paste, Information is often incorrect, drawings contradict specifications and the bill of quantities contradicts the drawings.

Drip feed of information during tender

Over the last 15 years, with the rise of Design and Build, estimators receive on average 3-5 tender addendums, often with full sets of drawings revised.

Less available resources

In addition to having to fill in gaps in the information received from the client team, main contractors are having to do the same job with fewer staff because of a lack of quality resources available.

Tender deadlines feel tighter

The client now rushes his team to get a tender out for pricing and seems to push to get on site far quicker than in the past. Previously, queries and issues were dealt with in the pre-tender submission, but they are now dealt with at tender or under contract. However, clients are still expecting a 4–6-week turnaround.

Increasing number of clarifications

As we moved from stage 4 complete tender packs to stage 2-3, more varied RFI’s, and yet more of them at tender, have become the norm. This has created a ‘new normal’ in which the information provided is often incomplete and the information requested from the client has become ever more complex.

How BidWork's AI tool helps you to outperform your competition in this new tendering landscape.

Start tendering faster with an X-ray view

X-ray gives you immediate access to scope items all sorted under SMM7, NRM2, CESMM4, RMM2, HIGHWAYS WORKS. Understand your project requirements in minutes and get to go/no-go decisions faster.

Automatic list of technical queries

X-ray identifies any irregularities within the tender pack, from incorrectly referenced drawings to missing documents, allowing you to export this list and forward it to the design team.

Get enquiries out much earlier

Combining BidWork's X-ray and Smart-enquiries tools, you can automatically allocate documents to packages with one click. Create packages based on scope found in X-ray.

Get more accuracy even with fewer resources

Turbo-boost your take off with a checklist of items to ensure that nothing is missed. Minimise manual time and maximise your estimator's potential with more time to get your bid to the best possible standard.

Submit your tender with confidence

Reduce your risk profile when submitting your tender with an automated checklist, to ensure that nothing is missed while pricing. Use Auto-compare to ensure that all changes during tender are captured and included, or allowed for in your tender.


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