It can be hard to get prices back at tender

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It is crucial to get quality quotations at tender from the supply chain to ensure that you are getting the best market price and pricing to meet you tender requirements. Obtaining better quality tender returns from subcontractors in a timely manner really helps. Estimators today are struggling with:

Reluctance from subcontractors to price

With the number of enquiries that take place in the industry, it is very difficult for subcontractors to price everything, and this leads to an increasing difficulty in getting quotations from subcontractors.

Targeting new subcontractors who are willing to price is difficult

There are thousands of subcontractors out there, but knowing which one will be willing to price at the tender stage is difficult.

Late or no responses from subcontractors

Receiving quotations past the submission date can make for a very frustrating tender process for any estimator.

Subcontractors not prioritising enquiries

Subcontractors are busy, and many of them get fed up with pricing for tenders and never winning work. Of course, their attitude completely changes once the project is awarded.

Staff leaving makes it harder to get quotations

Better response rates are more often obtained when sending enquiries to individual e-mail addresses rather than to shared mailboxes. However, with the number of people leaving employment this is becoming harder and harder.

Lack of transparency from subcontractors in terms of pricing intent

There is nothing worse than subcontractors admitting, when it is too late, that they do not have the time to price the enquiry.

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  • BidWork is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform
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  • No IT infrastructure investment is required.
  • Continuous investment in product development.
  • Unlimited technical support.

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How BidWork helps you get better prices back at tender

What really helps with responses at the tender stage are solid relationships with the members of your supply chain. This, however, does not mean that technology cannot be used to assist while we build and nurture those relationships.

Subcontractors ranked automatically based on whether they price or not

Due to tight tender timescales, estimators do not usually have enough time to improve their contact with the supply chain, prior to the issue of enquiries, in order to make sure that they have capacity to price the work.

As you use BidWork, it learns which subcontractors engage most with your enquiries. Engagement is measured both in terms of whether subcontractors return with a quotation, and how fast they do so.

BidWork automatically ranks all subcontractors and suppliers in terms of how likely they are to price at tender.


Expand your pool of subcontractors by testing the market

It can be hard to obtain quotations for rare or minor items within the schedule of works. Other times you need to spend time on google, sifting through websites for street lighting, signage or even M&E companies, subcontractors or suppliers willing to price the work.

BidWork gives you a centralised system from which you can access new subcontractors. This allows you to search a UK wide network of subcontractors and suppliers who are willing to price at tender.

If you want additional quotations on your tender or particular package, you can upload your tender to BidWork's noticeboard, and test the market even further.


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