Email, Dropbox and WeTransfer are brilliant tools, but they have limitations, such as...

Takes a while to package work up

Even a small tender with 8 trades can mean up to 40 enquiries being sent out. Creating multiple links on Dropbox for trades can be a nightmare.

Hard to track status of subcontractors

Email and Dropbox don’t allow you to track interested parties. It is simply not possible to see who has viewed the enquiry and who has downloaded the documents.

Subcontractors get confused

With so many Dropbox and WeTransfer links, it's no wonder that subcontractors find it hard to keep up with enquiries and struggle to return quotations on time.

More phone calls needed

Estimators cannot automatically see who is intending to price or who has shown interest in the enquiry unless the subcontractors email back. This means having to call all subcontractors to check whether they will be submitting a price.

Manual excel updating

Estimators have to track quotations manually using excel spreadsheets. The information is only as good as the person entering the information in.

Hard to find new supply chain members

Identifying new subcontractors is very difficult. There are hundreds of companies out there but knowing which ones will be able and willing to estimate at tender stage is difficult.

How BidWork makes sending enquiries out and getting quotations back a whole lot easier

Speedy enquiries process

Lightning fast creation

Create and send hundreds of enquiries in minutes not days. Create a copy of your last tender, and all the packages and previously invited subcontractors will be ready to be used on your next project. Easily allocate the right documents to the right trade packages.

Distribute and manage large amounts of documents

Distribute and manage large numbers of documents. You can drag and drop large numbers of documents. Use our document allocation tool to quickly choose what information is relevant to which trades.

Follow up with ease

Receive tender clarifications right in the system. When you want to follow up to multiple subcontractors at once up simply message them based on whether they have quoted or not. This makes follow up simple and takes the stress away as submission day gets closer.

Tracking done for you

Every activity undertaken by a subcontractor is logged with a robust audit trail. This includes the subcontractor’s interest level in quoting, any tender clarifications they asked for, any messages you send them, whether they viewed the addenda, whether they downloaded any drawings and also the quote and any revised quotes they send. As a business, this reduces your risk of variations and disputes once you get on site.

Keep your team informed

Invite and assign team members within BidWork, allowing them and their managers to understand how much coverage you have across your packages and anticipate if more quotes will be needed before submission day.

Built for you, to evolve with you

You can set up BidWork to function exactly as you need. Once you are ready to expand your business, you can pull together all your offices; and with unlimited tenders, packages and documents, BidWork will be with you every step of the way.


A trusted network that you can tap into

National network

Britain’s best network of subcontractors and suppliers at your fingertips. Every company that has registered on BidWork has been verified by the Companies House Registry.

All trades

With BidWork’s network, you can get access to a large network of new subcontractors and suppliers for pricing. Every company can be found by searching for the trade or skill they perform.

Manage your directory

Trying to keep on top of your database of subcontractors and suppliers, when they are shared between employees and spread across Excel and Outlook, is nigh on impossible. BidWork has you covered with an always up to date database of your network directory.

Stay in sync

Add tags to each company within your network to make inviting subcontractors to tender easier and to keep a list of your preferred subcontractors. Add notes against each company and keep co-workers in sync about the latest reviews and information regarding your supply chain.

Get quality quotes

Every business in the BidWork network has to register with their Companies House Registration Number. Using tags, tender templates and notes within BidWork you can create a list of preferred subcontractors and suppliers.

Expand into new locations and sectors

With a network of subcontractors and suppliers across Britain and across all trades, you can get quotes easily from reputable firms that you may not have worked with previously, giving you confidence to expand into new sectors and locations while still operating with a quality supply chain.

Why BidWork

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  • BidWork is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform
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  • Continuous investment in product development.

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Over the last 15 years, tender information sent from clients has
become progressively worse...

As the quality of information has decreased,
the number of tender addendum has increased

A real-life story has inspired the creation of new software that
solves the growing number of addendums during tender.

How BidWork fits like a glove into the way you currently work


Why using BidWork as an enquiry tool makes sense

BidWork Dropbox
Online enquiries module

Features you expect to find in an online enquiries tool

Contact database
Creating a send out
Upload trade documents and allocation
Link to all documents
Usual suspects
E-mail supply chain based on state (accepted, quoted etc)
Basic tracking
Tender noticeboard

Features you will love in your next generation online enquiries tool

Manage increasing numbers of addendums effectively to protect your commercial position

Automated addendum detection and distribution
Automatic drawing revision
Folder structures for documents
Addendum tab to contain each addendum
Automatic check whether or not quotations allow for latest addendum

Get better response rates at the tender stage

Individual contact details, not just enquiries@
Connected to companies house to regularly check for insolvent companies
Special algorithms helping you invite those who submit timely quotations

Spend less time updating contact information

Contact service area and trades types updated automatically
Connect Construction Line, Builders Profile or Chas

Hit framework KPI targets and promote local spending

Find micro, social enterprises
Find local supply chains based on trade and service area

Improve team collaboration

Assign trade package leads
Centralising communication and clarifications received in one place
Easily hand over tender to site teams

Refreshingly new ways to be effective at tendering

Automatically unzip documents upon upload
Create tender and package templates for better standardisation
Custom company tender page

Store everything in one place

See subcontractor’s reasons for declining
Advanced document and enquiry tracking
Tender and package analytics
Access control levels within tenders

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