AI Tendering tool for main contractors

Tenders that Start Faster and Finish Stronger

Over the last 5 years, the quality of tender information sent out by some clients has declined progressively. Tender deadlines feel tighter and receiving prices at tender is difficult. Contractors are dealing with all this while, at the same time, struggling with a lack of good quality resources. BidWork is an intelligent and easy to use tendering tool that has been custom made for UK main contractors. Upload your tender pack and within minutes extract and get an X-ray view of BOQ/Scope of work items, all structured under SMM7, NRM2, CESMM4, RMM2, HIGHWAYS WORKS. Automatically allocate documents to packages and send Smart-enquiries to the market. Once revised documents are received you can Auto-compare all changes instantly with the press of a button.


Using powerful AI, instantly extract BOQ/Scope of work items from tender packs with X-ray

Start tendering faster with an X-ray view

BidWork's X-ray gives you immediate access to BOQ/Scope of work items, all sorted under SMM7, NRM2, CESMM4, RMM2, HIGHWAYS WORKS. You can understand tender requirements in minutes, enabling management to make go/no-go decisions faster. Minimise manual time and maximise the estimator's potential with increased time to get the bid into the best possible standard.

Get queries and enquires out early

X-ray identifies any irregularities within the tender pack, from incorrectly referenced drawings to missing documents; helping you to get technical queries out faster. Extract BOQ items under the correct trade sections and send out enquiries to set a marker in the market.

More accuracy with fewer resources

Automatically scan specs and construction drawings to identify visible BOQ/Scope of work items. Speed up your take-off time, while at the same time, obtaining an intelligent sense check, enabling you to ensure that nothing is missed or forgotten while pricing.

Submit your tender with confidence

Reduce your risk profile when submitting your tender. Identify key requirements and any missing requirements. Double check everything in the BOQ/Scope of work with X-ray's list to ensure that nothing is missed.

Send out Smart-enquiries to the market

Beyond what you expect in an enquiry tool

BidWork's Smart-enquiries does everything that you expect in an enquiries tool and more. Jump out of your inbox and receive all quotations directly in BidWork. Send enquiries to those who serve you best with our intelligent ranking and receive more good quality prices back at tender.

Automatic package allocation

Automatically allocate all documents to the correct packages within seconds, a task that usually takes hours. Manually edit the automatic selection beforehand, send out and include a link to the whole tender pack ensuring that you are commercially covered.

Communicate addendums with ease

Effectively communicate the increasing number of addendums you receive. Send out the revised or added documents only. Your pricing supply chain will be able to compare revised documents with Auto-compare and see exactly where changes have been made.

Send hundreds of emails from your work email address

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get prices back at tender. Unlike other e-tendering solutions, BidWork gives you the option to send emails from your work mail. This gives you the ability to send hundreds of customised emails in minutes, while at the same time, you get the benefit of our powerful package allocation and tracking.


Auto-compare all document changes in bulk

Just one click compares all changes across all documents

Auto-compare all documents in one go with one click. See where clients’ teams have made changes in their BOQ. Easily identify changes in specifications that don't include track changes. Quickly spot changes in drawings that haven't been clouded up.

Compare documents side by side

Individually compare documents side by side, showing clearly where anything has been removed or added. Overlay drawings in a single viewer to compare drawings individually, rather than in a batch.

Allow your pricing supply chain to compare changes

When you send out Smart-enquiries, your pricing supply chain will also receive a pdf showing where changes have been made for the documents which are relevant to their packages.

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