Subcontractors: get invited to quote and
find more work

Get a seat at the table

With tenders being sent direct from the contractors every day through BidWork, it’s important that you don’t miss out on opportunities. BidWork is free for subcontractors to receive invitations, download documentation, communicate with the estimators and upload quotes. In addition, with your free account, you can view and access new opportunities in open tenders. By creating an account, you are putting your business at the fingertips of general contractors across Britain. With your free account you can add company information such as your logo, description and most importantly the type of work you perform; so that when contractors are searching for your trade, your company name will show up.

See what BidWork can do for you. It's FREE to use so no reasons not to give it a go.


Find, prioritise, and quote more projects

Opportunities are waiting for you

Once you have registered your profile, you will receive a weekly email with all open tenders that are currently live on BidWork, that are relevant to the trades your company performs.

Increase your chances of winning

Find other main contractors that are also bidding for the same project. Now that you’ve done the hard work of creating a quote for one contractor, why not see if the other contractors bidding for the same project would also appreciate a quote from you.

Find your next project

All the tenders on BidWork come direct from the source, meaning that it’s the contractors themselves who are sending out the invitations to quote. As a subcontractor you can search for relevant work based on certain keywords (such as specifications) or based on trades.

Get invited to private tenders

With a paid account, you can request to join a contractor’s BidWork network. This increases your chances of being invited into private tenders, because once you are connected with a contractor your company appears higher up the list of suggested companies for a particular trade.

Manage all your quotes in one place

Slash your admin costs

Even with a free BidWork account, you are able to search for new work, manage all invitations to price work, and have all quotes stored in one location, saving you time and helping protect your margins.

Respond to pricing requests quickly

Efficiently respond to invitations from contractors and get notified of any changes so that you and your team can ensure that you are pricing work based on the latest set of drawings, specifications and addenda.

Keep contractors happy

Contractors love to use BidWork, because they can see all the quotes from all subcontractors in one location. By uploading your quote directly into BidWork it helps the contractor, and may also earn you goodwill in the process.

Share information across your team

Easily keep a track of projects across your team and ensure that no one is working on the same project. Keep your team organised by managing all contractors in one place and by being able to assign different team members to lead different requests for quotes.


Stay one step ahead of the pack

See awarded projects

With a paid account you can see which contractors have been awarded which projects, thus allowing you to focus your efforts on being selected for that project.

See the pulse of the industry

With new open tenders being shared daily from the contractors themselves, it’s easy to see which contractors and which sectors are growing right now.

Get critical contact info

With BidWork, you always speak to the right person for each trade package. If you want to go a step further, with a paid account you can search the BidWork network for main contractors and their key contacts.

See what BidWork can do for you. It's FREE to use so no reasons not to give it a go.