As the tender information sent from clients has become progressively worse. The risk of missing something in the tender is growing.

It's no shock that preconstruction professionals are feeling the pressure when it comes to making a mistake or missing something at tender, because the chances of that happening these days, with the current level of information provided at tender, is just growing and growing. Now of course, any estimator worth his/her salt will also know that less information = more opportunity. However, even then, for every tender, preconstruction teams are left with that niggly worry, leaving them wondering:

Have we ensured that everything has been included? 

Have we covered all possible angles?

Have we identified all possible risks?

Have we included everything in the clarifications?

Have we correctly interpreted everything?

Did we catch all the design and specification changes?

Will we secure a contract that will subsequently make a loss?

Are we undercutting the competition?

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How BidWork helps you reduce your risk profile when it comes to missing something in the tender

Understand the tender requirements in minutes by automatically extracting a list of BOQ items

Technological advancements over the last few years have meant that we are now able to drastically improve the way in which we work during a tender, without requiring any more work from us. 

We are able to leverage these new technologies to make things much easier for ourselves, while at the same time reducing the risk of missing something. Essentially, we will be doing more with less. 

For example, we can now scan a tender pack within minutes and extract a list of BOQ items, all structured under SMM7, NRM2 or CESMM.


Find missing items, irregularities, clarifications and get TQs out early

For various reasons, information can be lacking, often leading to an increased number of technical queries to the client. More and more, we are seeing TQ sheets hit questions 50, 60 or 70; responses to which may need to be relayed to the supply chain, all of which adds increased pressure on deadline dates.

Another example of leveraging technological advancements is not only to find a list of BOQ items within the tender pack, but to also find irregularities and missing items which act as starting point for your TQs.

When changes come in, compare all changes in one go

Have you ever received a specification document where the design team slips things in with no tracked changes? Have you ever received drawing revisions which have not been clouded up?

What if you could instantly and easily compare all documents, ensuring that no design changes are missed. 

Again, due to technological advancements, we are now able to use a tool that can effortlessly auto-compare all revised documents in one go, regardless of file type.


Let our demonstration do the talking...

Schedule a demonstration with us and we'll show you how BidWork can help you.

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