Suppliers: supercharge your sales team
with key information.

Outperform your competition

With new tenders being constantly added by contractors , it’s crucial that, as a supplier, you stay abreast of new projects being tendered within the construction industry. Easily track relevant projects by searching whether your specific product has been specified within tender documents.

Collaborate easily and effectively with your team, and also across multiple offices , to ensure no one is working on the same opportunity at the same time.


Find actionable project leads

Direct from the source

Every tender uploaded to BidWork is added directly by the estimating team of the contractors. This means that you can maximise your selling power with targeted, relevant projects.

Search drawings & specifications

Identify projects that require your products, and better manage your tender pipeline by being able to search specific keywords, including the name of your product across multiple tenders along with attached documents and drawings.

See the pulse of the industry

With new tenders constantly being added by contractors, you can keep abreast of all new work that is emerging in the U.K construction industry.

Promote your business

Build key relationships

With a large network of contractors and subcontractors, you have the ability to connect with these companies through BidWork, ensuring that when they are searching for supply only work then your company will appear higher in the list of suggested companies for that trade.

Find the right contacts

With every tender and tender package that is added to BidWork, there is an associated contact person, allowing you to focus your energies on the right people at the right time.

See awarded projects

View which contractors were awarded which projects, so that you can strengthen your position on those projects.

See design team info

For every tender added to BidWork, the contractor can also choose to add information about the design team, allowing you to make contact with those architects that are the most appropriate for your product.


Manage everything in one location

Every opportunity under one roof

Make a full inbox a thing of the past by being able to track new and relevant projects directly within BidWork. Assign team members as leads for the opportunity, so that no one is working on the same opportunity at the same time.

Keep your team in sync

Add notes and tags to opportunities so that you can keep everyone updated on the latest progress, developments and actions.