“Handing over to QS's at project award has drastically improved with BidWork”

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£32,000 yearly savings

The challenge

Metnor found that enquiries going from the company were being sent with different pieces of software, be that, Conject, Outlook, WeTransfer or DropBox. Metnor wanted the company to be more streamlined when it came to sending out enquries so that everything was stored in one location and all enquiries had a familiar format. One of the main issues they experienced was when moving from tender to a live project, all the information was disjointed, documents were going missing and people could not find the information they needed. This resulted in endless meetings where the commercial team would need to ask a multitude of questions about what was done at tender.

The solution

Metnor initially started out with BidWork only for their Estimators. They quickly found that BidWork could not only save their Estimators time in packaging work and sending out enquiries, but also in solving a key business challenge they had struggled with for years, which was making the handover from pre-contract to post-contract seamless. Metnor chose to implement BidWork across all their Estimators and Quantity Surveyors. This resulted in streamlined enquries across the business and a drastic reduction in the amount of meetings required once a project was handed over. Metnor Construction also benefited from:

  • All information regarding enquiries pre and post contract stored in one location.
  • Fast package creation and document allocation.
  • Enquiry links not expiring
  • Date stamped record of when enquiries were sent out.
  • Easy to re- send enquiries.
  • Central database of subcontractor contact details.
  • Complete online bid file ready for handover to commercial team.
  • Reduced meetings between Estimators and QSs regarding what was sent out at tender
  • QSs can pick up from where estimators left off and go out to the market again.
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  • BidWork is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform
  • Deployed in hours, not days.
  • No IT infrastructure investment is required.
  • Continuous investment in product development.
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