“We can send out the enquiries the same day as the tender comes in”

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£61,000 yearly savings

The challenge

Before BidWork, everything at Messenger BCR was sent out via email. They kept an excel spreadsheet split up into trades on each tab and then they would manually allocate the tender resources. From there, they would manually add the relevant supply chain for each trade and thereafter the admin team would have to collate all this information and save it all into a filing structure to be sent out. Sometimes, it took a week from receiving the tender information to getting the enquiries out. Prior to BidWork they were waiting to compile the whole enquiry before any package could go out, and this sometimes meant waiting for 30-40 packages to be compiled. At the same time, they were receiving more and more addendums, often times, it was multiple tranches of information being issued, sometimes with M&E to follow, or NBS to follow, or bills to follow, this meant having to manage a lot off admin work to re-issue information constantly.

The solution

After implementing BidWork, everything is in a cleaner environment.It’s easier to send information as you collate it or as information comes in. Messenger BCR are now able send out the larger and time critical packages like M&E, steelwork and glazing the day they get the tender in. This gives the supply chain more time to price the enquiries. Packaging up work has become much easier with the ability in BidWork to use the ‘package allocation matrix’ whereby it makes it very easy to allocate the correct documents to packages. When addendums come in with additional information or changes, they are able to easily add additional documents to the original enquiry and then share only the new/revised information with the relevant supply chain. At any time during the tender, Messenger BCR can jump into BidWork and see in real time the status of every supply chain member for every package. If during the tender they want to add additional contacts to a package because they don’t think they are getting enough returns they can do this with the click of a button.

  • Streamlined enquiries process.
  • Import supply chain from similar projects and packages to save time.
  • Ability to send out enquiries on the day they get the tender in.
  • Easy to send addendums as new information trickles in.
  • Ability to target subcontractors who have interest, rather than bombarding those who have declined.
  • Sending out messages across all or some packages.
  • Ability to answer queries very quickly.
  • Receive quotes in their inboxes or BidWork.
  • Easy to add additional contacts to existing enquiries.

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  • BidWork is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform
  • Deployed in hours, not days.
  • No IT infrastructure investment is required.
  • Continuous investment in product development.
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