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The challenge

Castle House have three estimators. One estimator sends out her own enquiries, but the other two rely on an estimating assistant to carry out the task. The problem was that Castle House’s assistant could not use the enquiries module of their current estimating software without all the costs and licenses associated with a normal license. It was deemed uneconomical to pay for an additional license, for someone only to be doing the admin side of estimating. Castle House ended up in a situation where some enquiries were being sent out of their estimating tool and others through email and Dropbox.

The solution

Castle House implemented BidWork and now send out all their enquiries through BidWork. This saved having to purchase additional estimating licenses and there was a saving on Dropbox license costs. BidWork streamlined enquiries across the business and gave the whole pre-construction team access to manage or view enquiries. In addition to solving the challenge they faced, after implementing BidWork, Castle House found that they also benefitted from:

  • Supply chain receive enquiries in a consistent format.
  • A date stamped system of record across the business of what has gone where and who has viewed what.
  • Ability to access and manage co-worker enquiries even if co-worker is on leave.
  • Estimating assistant can send out enquiries on behalf of other estimators.
  • Time saving with easier and faster package allocation.
  • Better returns due to the ease and speed of allocating correct documents to the package.
  • Ability to send out enquiries early and attach trade bill once measured.
  • If a subcontractor declines the enquiry, no further information is sent to them.
  • Ability to easily add another subcontractor to the same enquiry without having to compile a new enquiry and without it being obvious to the subcontractor that they are ‘late to the party’.

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  • BidWork is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform
  • Deployed in hours, not days.
  • No IT infrastructure investment is required.
  • Continuous investment in product development.
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