“Before BidWork it was a very laborious process. The system is so easy to use”

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The challenge

Prior to using BidWork AC Lloyd found it a real challenge to get enquiries out. It was an extremely laborious process. Most of the time they would use Dropbox, but the problem was that every time an estimator needed to send an enquiry out, they would need to contact the licence owner to send the enquiry documents on their behalf. This made it a very cumbersome process. Additionally when the development was secured and work started on site, they often struggled to communicate to the commercial team who had received what at tender. This resulted in many questions coming back to the estimating team who, by that time, were busy with another scheme.

The solution

AC Lloyd picked up BidWork in the morning and were sending out enquiries by the afternoon. With the system being so easy to use, onboarding their estimators and administrative staff was quickly over with. Since they work exclusively in housing, they tend to go out to the same supply chain over and over again, to leverage this, AC Lloyd created a template in BidWork whereby every time they started a new tender, they would simply import the master template and all their packages and subcontractors would be added instantly. This process alone saved them hours for every tender. Once the packages were created and documents added, they made use of BidWork’s package allocation tool to allocate the correct documents to the various trades. Handing over to QSs has drastically improved also where all they have to do now is assign the project to the QSs, from there, the commercial team can see exactly which enquiries went to which subcontractor.

  • Fast package creation with templates.
  • Importing of previously used Subcontractors.
  • Easy package allocation of documents.
  • Multiple users at one time.
  • Easy onboarding.
  • Digital bid file.
  • Full audit trail of tender.
  • QSs can go out to market based on what was agreed at tender.

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  • BidWork is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform
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  • No IT infrastructure investment is required.
  • Continuous investment in product development.
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